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canned and preserves Canned, Preserved and Dry Foods

Our range of canned goods include sauces, fruits, milk and vegetables in a variety of sizes.

We also stock dried vegetables such as mushrooms, bamboo and fungus, stock powders, beans and lentils ideal for soup or stew making.

Grass Jelly can Grass Jelly

Cashew Nuts Cashew Nuts

Peanuts (pink)

Black Eye Beans Black Eye Beans

Brown Lentils Brown Lentils

Green Lentils Green Lentils

Sesame Seeds Sesame Seeds

red beans Red Beans

Grass Jelly Bleck Beans

Peeled Mungbeans Peeled Mungbeans

Green Mungbeans Green Mungbeans

Mackeral in Black Bean Sauce

Mackeral in Tomato Sauce

Seaweed Leaves Seaweed Leaves

Preserved Dates Preserved Dates

Shrimp Paste with Chili

Shrimp Paste can Shrimp Paste

Crab Meat Crab Meat

White Fungus

Dried Garlic Flakes Dried Garlic Flakes

Black Dried Fungus Black Dried Fungus

Tung Ku Mushrooms (medium)

Tung Ku Mushrooms (large)

whole bamboo shoot Whole Bamboo Shoots

stripes bamboo shoot Sour Bamboo Shoots

Gluten with Pork Flavour

Gluten with Duck Flavour

Gluten with Chicken Flavour

Vegetarian Sausage

veg chop suey Vegetarian Chop Suey

chili pickled eggplant Chili Eggplant

pickled eggplant Pickled Eggplant

baby corn Baby Corn in Water

wild mushroom Wild Mushrooms

pickled cabbage Pickled Cabbage

pickled leeks Pickled Leeks

sliced bamboo Sliced Bamboo Shoots

water chestnut Waterchestnuts in Water

salted soy bean Salted Soy Beans

salted black beans Salted Black Beans

Preserved Radish

vietnamese straw mushroom Vietnamese Straw Mushroom

Sour Mustard

pickled garlic Pickled Garlic

pickled ginger Pickled Ginger

Rambutan Fruit Rambutan in Syrup

pineapple Pineapple Pieces

papaya Papaya in Syrup

palm fruit Palm Fruit in Syrup

fruit cocktail Fruit Cocktail in Syrup

Sugar Cane in Syrup

Guava Fruit Guava in Syrup

Mango in Syrup

canned lychee Lychee in Syrup

Longans in Syrup

Jack Fruit Jackfruit in Syrup