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We are delighted to announce that we will be running a campaign to recruit in the following departments.

Please submit a current copy of your cv and a covering letter to  for the department of your interest.

Planning, Logistics and Distribution

  • Responsible for managing processes involved in a supply chain and liaises with a variety of parties, including suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers, retailers and, increasingly, consumers.
  • Logistics Dept co-ordinate processes to ensure customer satisfaction. An awareness of and strategic response to external influences, such as legislation, is vital.
  • The role of distribution dept within logistics may involve transportation, stockcontrol, warehousing, and ensuring structures are in place to monitor the flowof goods and materials.
  • It plays a key part within the logistics field in forecasting increasingly complexsystems of stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and performanceevaluation.

Warehouse and Stock Management

·   Warehouse Dept oversee the safe receipt, storage, retrieval and timely despatch of goods.They ensure workplace health and safety requirements are met and takeresponsibility for the security of the building and stock.

·   They plan the arrangement of goods within the warehouse and organise specialrequirements for certain stock, such as chilled goods or fragile products.

·  They ensure productivity targets are met and maintain computerised administrationand automated storage and retrieval systems.

·   Picking, packing and distribution activity.


  • Field based and responsible for managing your own territory.
  • You will be expected to deliver target driven results across a range of leading brands, working in all the grocery chains.
  • You will need to have a strong desire to sell, be focused on achieving results and possess the ability to influence key decision makers in store.


Planning and selecting arange, type and quantity of products according to:

  • customer demand (eg, price, quality and availability);
  • trends;
  • store policy;
  • budget.

Will source new and reviewexisting merchandise to ensure products remain competitive. Keeping up to datewith market trends and reacting to changes in demand are key elements of therole.

Retail buyers have aconsiderable amount of responsibility and autonomy therefore must be resilientunder pressure.


Will be involved in aspectsof marketing, including: planning; advertising; promotion; public/mediarelations; product development; distribution; sponsorship; and research.