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non food Non-Food

To complete you oriental cooking and meal preparation, you can find everything you require, from sauce pans, woks, chinaware, rice cookers, steamers and many more.

wok stainless steel Wok - Stainless Steel

wok non stick Wok - non stick

sieves Sieves

set of utilities Sets of Utilities

ladle Ladle

Frying pans Frying Pans

pots and pans stainless steel Pots and Pans - Stainless Steel

pots and pans non stick Pots and Pans - Non stick

aluminium steamer Aluminium Steamers

bamboo steamer Bamboo Steamer

rice cooker updated Rice Cooker

Dish With Lid Dish With Lid

white soup spoon White Soup Spoon

white rice bowls White Rice Bowl

white tea pot White Tea Pot

white tea cup White Tea Cups

red soup spoon Red Patterned Soup Spoon

red rice bowls Red Patterned Rice Bowl

red plate Red Patterned Round Plate

chopsticks Chopsticks

blue rice bowls Blue Patterned Rice Bowl

blue plate bowl spooon Blue Patterned Rice Bowl and Plate set