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chinese snacks Snacks and Biscuits

We stock an excited range of popular and traditional vietnamese and oriental biscuits and snacks such as coconut coated peanuts, dried fruits, rice crackers and many more

Monkey Peanuts Monkey Peanuts

Tamarind Candies with Sugar Tamarind Candies with Sugar

Tamarind Candies Tamarind Candies

Fortune Cookies Fortune Cookies

Rice Crackers (hot) Rice Crackers (hot)

Sushi Rice Crackers Sushi Rice Crackers

Butter Roll Cakes

Phoenix Rolls Phoenix Rolls

Peanut Cakes

Shrimp Crackers chili flavour Shrimp Crackers with Chili

Shrimp Crackers Shrimp Crackers

Prawn Crackers Prawn Crackers

Rice Cookies Rice Cookies

Crackers with Sesame Seeds Crackers with Sesame Seeds

Coconut Coated Peanuts Coconut Coated Peanuts