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fruits and veg Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

We stock freshly delivered and imported authentic vietnamese and oriential vegetables and exotic fruits such as kai lan, dow miu, pak choi, choi sum, shittake mushrooms, lemongrass, galangal ginger, green peppercorns, durian fruit, dragin fruit, sharon fruit, lychees and more.

Lychee Lychee

Mini Shanghai

Lotus Root Lotus Root

Yam Beans Yam Beans

Jack Fruit Jack Fruit

Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit

Long Beans Long Beans

Laos Laos

Guichai Leaf Guichai Leaf

Betel Leaf Betel Leaf

Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot

Thai Garlic Thai Garlic

Asparagus Asparagus

Small White Egg Plant Small White Egg Plant

Yellow Papaya Yellow Papaya

Chinese Pear Chinese Pear

Rambutan Fruit Rambutan Fruit

Yellow Mango Yellow Mango

Small Red Onions Small Red Onions

Sweet Peas Sweet Peas

Baby Banana Baby Banana

Red Pepper small Red Pepper Small

Red Pepper Large Red Pepper Large

Mung Bean Sprouts Mung Bean Sprouts

Guava Fruit Guava Fruit

Sweet Basilleaf Sweet Basilleaf

Spring Onion Spring Onion

Ginger Ginger

lemon grass Lemon Grass

Banana Leaf Banana Leaf

Taro Taro

Chinese Bittermelon Chinese Bittermelon

Kai Choi Kai Choi

Cellery Cellery

Chinese Egg Plant Chinese Egg Plant

Hing Choi Red

Corriander Coriander

ong choi Ong Choi

pak choi Pak Choi

choi sum Choi Sam

This vegetable is used in various stir-fry dishes and soups in Cantonese cuisine. Choy Sum is very similar to the white petiole large Pak Choy, but featuring more tender and delicious stems and flower buds/tips for vegetable use.